2018 Winter Games Tickets:  The ticketing process for a global event such as the Winter Games is a complex undertaking. Not only does it involve printing and distributing millions of tickets to hundreds of event sessions, but they have to be distributed around the world to various sponsors, associations, media representatives as well as to the public through a process that is often referred to as the “lottery” system. It is difficult to know exactly how many tickets are set aside for the general public, particularly to those living outside of the host country.

Fans can register their interest in obtaining tickets through the Winter Games website and as the Games near, further information will be released on how to apply for the sports/sessions of interest.

There are generally multiple rounds for purchasing tickets, and just to give an idea of ticket demand, in the first phase of ticket sales for the 2012 Summer Games to the UK public only, there were 1.8 million applicants who made 20 million ticket requests for approximately 6.6 million tickets that went on sale. Applications were made for every session and every sport with over half of the sessions receiving more requests than tickets available resulting in those tickets being allocated via a ballot (or ‘lottery’ system). Additionally, although there are set percentages for the overall ticket allocations, they do not specify breakdowns by sport, and it has been found that a lesser number of tickets were available to the public for high profile events and medal sessions.

For the 2018 Winter Games, the organizing committee has indicated they will have tickets in categories A, B, C, and D  with A being the most expensive and D the least expensive ticket available. Organizing committees do not release information on how they determine the breakdown of who gets what level of ticket. When applying for a ticket through the lottery it will be difficult to know whether the seat you will ultimately receive is Category A or E until they officially allocate the tickets to the successful applicants. Typically a number of the higher category tickets are reserved for top level sponsors, federations and members of the international media.


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