Japan is the premier destination for romantic getaways, historic sightseeing, and cultural experiences. Tokyo culture has since the  been considered to be a very charming destination. Today, Japan is well known the world over for its gastronomic delights, and Amazing, and  enchanting architecture. There are hundreds of towns and cities throughout Japan to choose from, each offering its own flavor of attractions and unique blend of sights and experiences.  Finding your ideal hotel in Japan can be a daunting task, especially with thousands to choose from.  you can find your perfect hotel which is well suited to your budget and expectations.

What the different Hotel Stars mean 

3-Star Hotels
There is not much difference between 2 and 3-star hotels; the main one is the size of rooms. 3-star hotel rooms. The reception area/lounge smaller than the 4 and 5 Star Hotels.

4-Star Hotels
These hotels represent the higher end hotels in Japan Staff will be there to insure your stay is guaranteed comfort and service. Guest rooms are more spacious including bathrooms. These  hotels are also required to provide room service, a concierge. Most Hotels have Air conditioning.

5-Star Hotels
This is the top end .Guest rooms and Staff must be able to speak two foreign languages including English. Five-star hotels are also required to provide room service, valet parking, a concierge and guests must be escorted to their rooms on check-in. Air conditioning is required.