Bag Policy

To ensure the safety and security of our Guests, the Marlins reserve the right to thoroughly inspect all bags, clothing or other articles prior to entry into Marlins Park. The Marlins may prohibit entry to any Guest or require removal of any items at their sole discretion.

In accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations and Marlins Park, the following policies will be enforced at all entrances at Marlins Park:

  • Bags no larger than 16"x16"x8" in size. All bags are subject to inspection; clear bags are preferred.
  • Bag-size bins will be used at inspection points, and bags and their contents must fit without assistance, modification or adjustment.
  • Briefcases, hard-sided coolers, and open/hard-sided containers are NOT permitted.
  • Bag-size bins will be used at inspection points; bags and their contents must fit without assistance, modification or adjustment.
  • Any item deemed to be dangerous, inappropriate or disruptive to the safety of Marlins Park Guests/staff/property will be denied entry.

There is no storage area for items or bags at Marlins Park. Guests arriving by mass transit should take particular care not to bring any prohibited items, as no exceptions will be made.

About Marlins Park

Ballpark Square Footage: 928,000 Square Feet
Ballpark Type: Retractable Roof
Playing Surface: Natural Grass (Platinum TE Paspalum)
Seating Capacity: 37,442
Green Building: LEED Gold Status
Materials in Façade: Colored Glass, Stucco, Metal Panel and Glass Curtain Wall
On-Site Parking: (4) Garages and (6) Surface Lots for a total capacity of approximately 5,700 spaces
Number of Suites: 45 Total: (13 Founders Suites, 10 Legends Suites, 12 MVP Suites, 6 Fiesta Suites, 2 Championship Suites, and 2 Hall of Fame Suites)

Aquariums: Marlins Park features two (2) 450-gallon saltwater fish tanks behind Home Plate. Each aquarium is constructed of durable fiberglass with clear acrylic panels 1.5 inches thick. To protect the aquariums from foul balls, errant pitches or any other unexpected contact, polycarbonate, a material used in bullet-resistant glass, has been installed in front of the acrylic panels.

Operable Wall: The Left Field Operable Wall is a feature unlike any other in Major League Baseball. Six (6) glass wall panels, towering at 40'x60', open to create a 240-foot view overlooking Downtown Miami's spectacular skyline. Depending on weather conditions, the Operable Wall may open in conjunction with the Retractable Roof or remain open when the roof is closed.

Sections and Seat Numbers: Seating Bowl sections begin with Section 1 on the Promenade Level, 201 on the Legends Level and 302 on the Vista Level, starting from the right field foul pole and proceeding clockwise around Marlins Park. Any seating rows prior to row 1 are marked by letters. The number of rows in each section will vary.

West Plaza: The West Plaza is an area on the exterior of Marlins Park that is open 365 days a year and allows Guests a location to enjoy pre- and post-game activities, as well as access to the New Era Team Store year round. The West Plaza also features a 20'x40' video board to broadcast upcoming events and other messages. The West Plaza represents an area comparable to the size of 3 ½ football fields and has the opportunity to be shaded when the roof is open.

Roof: Marlins Park is the sixth MLB Ballpark to have a retractable roof.

  • The Structure: The roof is composed of three (3) operable panels, one (1) upper and two (2) lower panels. The lower panels sit on the east and west of the upper panel, which sits 216 feet above 2nd base. Moving along two (2) 750-foot long tracks, spanning 566-feet, the roof at Marlins Park creates an opening that is wider than any NFL retractable roof stadium.
  • Mechanization: The roof is made up of 17 million pounds of steel and can operate speeds up to 39-feet per minute. It can open or close in 13 - 15 minutes, depending on wind speeds. The roof panels sit on 44 transporters with 88 wheels that roll on railroad style tracks. The roof was designed by Walter P. Moore and Associates, with Uni-Systems designing the mechanization.
  • Open or Closed?: Prior to Marlins home games, fans can learn whether the roof will be open or closed.