World Cup Packages Includes:

  • 3,4,5 and 7 Nights' Accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Roundtrip Airport Transfers
  • Half Day City Tour
  • On-site Management Staff
  • Taxes & Service Charges
  • Match Transfer Options in each city will be available at a later date
  • Additional Benefits for Group Travel


DateTimeMatch No.MatchStarting FromPackage NightsLocationVenue
June 14, 201818:001Russia v Saudi ArabiaCall to BookJune 12-15MoscowLuzhniki Stadium
June 15, 201817:002Egypt v Uruguay$1000June 13-16EkaterinburgEkaterinburg Arena
June 15, 201821:003Portugal v Spain$1000June 13-16SochiFisht Stadium
June 15, 201818:004Morocco v Iran$1000June 13-16Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stadium
June 16,201813:005France v Australia$1000June 14-17KazanKazan Arena
June 16, 201819:006Peru v Denmark$1000June 14-17SaranskMordovia Arena
June 16, 201816:007Argentina v Iceland$1000June 14-17MoscowSpartak Stadium
June 16, 201821:008Croatia v Nigeria$1000June 14-17KaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
June 17, 201821:009Brazil v Switzerland$1000June 15-18Rostov-on-DonRostov Arena
June 17, 201816:0010Costa Rica v Serbia$1000June 15-18SamaraSamara Arena
June 17, 201818:0011Germany v Mexico$1000June 15-18MoscowLuzhniki Stadium
June 18, 201815:0012Sweden v S Korea$1000June 16-19Nizhny NogorodNizhny Novgorod Stadium
June 18, 201818:0013Belgium v Panama$1000June 16-19SochiFisht Stadium
June 18, 201821:0014Tunisia v England$1000June 16-19VolgogradVolgograd Arena
June 19, 201815:0015Poland v Senegal$1000June 17-20MoscowSpartak Stadium
June 19, 201818:0016Not Available-June 17-20SaranskMordovia Arena
June 19, 201821:0017Russia v EgyptCall to BookJune 17-20Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stadium
June 20, 201818:0018Uruguay v Saudi Arabia$1000June 18-21Rostov-on-DonRostov Arena
June 20, 201815:0019Portugal v Morocco$1000June 18-21MoscowLuzhniki Stadium
June 20, 201821:0020Iran v Spain$1000June 18-21KazanKazan Arena
June 21, 201817:0021France v Peru$1000June 19-22EkaterinburgEkaterinburg Arena
June 21, 201819:0022Denmark v Australia$1000June 19-22SamaraSamara Arena
June 21, 201821:0023Argentina v Croatia$1000June 19-22Nizhny NovgorodNizhny Novgorod Stadium
June 22, 201818:0024Nigeria v Iceland$1000June 20-23VolgogradVolgograd Arena
June 22, 201815:0025Brazil v Costa Rica$1000June 20-23Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stadium
June 22, 201820:0026Serbia v Switzerland$1000June 20-23KaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
June 23, 201818:0027Germany v Sweden$1000June 21-24SochiFisht Stadium
June 23, 201821:0028S Korea v Mexico$1000June 21-24Rostov-on-DonRostov Arena
June 23, 201815:0029Belgium v Tunisa$1000June 21-24MoscowSpartak Stadium
June 24, 201815:0030England v Panama$1000June 22-25Nizhny NovgorodNizhny Novgorod Stadium
June 24, 201821:0031Poland v Columbia$1000June 22-25KazanKazan Arena
June 24, 201820:0032Japan v Senegal$1000June 22-25EkaterinburgEkaterinburg Arena
June 25, 201818:0033Uruguay v RussiaCall to BookJune 23-26SamaraSamara Arena
June 25, 201817:0034Saudi Arabia v Egypt$1000June 23-26VolgogradVolgograd Arena
June 25, 201821:0035Not Available-June 23-26SaranskMordovia Arena
June 25, 201820:0036Spain v Morocco$1000June 23-26KaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
June 26, 201817:0037Denmark v France$1000June 24-27MoscowLuzhniki Stadium
June 26, 201817:0038Australia v Peru$1000June 24-27SochiFisht Stadium
June 26, 201821:0039Nigeria v Argentina$1000June 24-27Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stadium
June 26, 201821:0040Iceland v Croatia$1000June 24-27Rostov-on-DonRostov Arena
June 27, 201821:0041Serbia v Brazil$1000June 25-28MoscowSpartak Stadium
June 27, 201821:0042Switzerland v Costa Rica$1000June 25-28Nizhny NovgorodNizhny Novgorod Stadium
June 27, 201817:0043S Korea v Germany$1000June 25-28KazanKazan Arena
June 27, 201819:0044Mexico v Sweden$1000June 25-28EkaterinburgEkaterinburg Arena
June 28, 201820:0045England v Belgium$1000June 26-29KaliningradKaliningrad Stadium
June 28, 201821:0046Not Available-June 26-29SaranskMordovia Arena
June 28, 201817:0047Japan v Poland$1000June 26-29VolgogradVolgograd Arena
June 28, 201818:0048Senegal v Columbia$1000June 26-29SamaraSamara Arena
June 30, 201821:00491A v 2B$1435June 30 - July 5SochiFisht Stadium
June 30, 201817:00501C v 2D$1435June 30 - July 5KazanKazan Arena
July 1, 201817:00511B v 2A$1435June 30 - July 5MoscowLuzhniki Stadium
July 1, 201821:00521D v 2C$1435June 30 - July 5Nizhny NovgorodNizhny Novgorod Stadium
July 2, 201818:00531E v 2F$1435June 30 - July 5SamaraSamara Arena
July 2, 201821:00541G v 2H$1435June 30 - July 5Rostov-on-DonRostov Arena
July 3, 201817:00551F v 2E$1435June 30 - July 5Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stadium
July 3, 201821:00561H v 2G$1435June 30 - July 5MoscowSpartak Stadium
July 6, 201817:0057W49 v W54$1220July 5-9Nizhny NovgorodNizhny Novgorod Stadium
July 6, 201821:0058W53 v W54$1220July 5-9KazanKazan Arena
July 7, 201821:0059W51 v W52$1220July 5-9SochiFisht Stadium
July 7, 201818:0060W55 v W56$2170July 5-9SamaraSamara Arena
July 10, 201821:0061W57 v W58$2295July 9-11Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stadium
July 11, 201821:0062W59 v W60$2295July 9-11MoscowLuzhniki Stadium
July 14, 201817:0063L61 v L62Call to BookCall To BookSaint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stadium
July 15, 201818:0064W61 v W62$3645July 10-16MoscowLuzhniki Stadium