International and Domestic Flights: During the Ryder Cup 2018 airline reservations to France will be at an absolute premium; therefore, it is critical to reserve your seats as early as possible to get the best air, train schedule and pricing available.  The majority of flights to France go through Paris Charles de Gaulle International airport. Charles de Gaulle airport is a main hub for travel in Paris and connects with many airports around the world.  Air France has around 400 aircrafts in operation and services approximately 1,800 daily flights to 185 destinations in 83 countries. Charles de Gaulle also stands as a major transportation point offering close proximity to train stations that operate throughout Europe. It is important to note that the National Rail offers transportation to most cities in France.

Accommodations: Flexibility and choice in accommodations are essential. Our standard Ryder Cup program consists of three and four star properties; however, we will provide prices for lodging in other categories upon request. Tourist hotels are approved and examined thoroughly then split into 5 categories according to their facilities, areas and services. The categories are 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star and 5-stars. Prices displayed outside the hotel and in bedrooms must be inclusive. They are unregulated and a surcharge can be levied for an extra bed or for breakfast. Rooms must usually be left by noon on the day of departure. There are about 17,500 hotels, inns and motels in France.

  • 2 Stars - Moderately priced properties offering basic accommodations, amenities, facilities, and services
  • 3 Stars - Comfortable and appealing properties offering dependable accommodations and amenities with a variety of facilities and services.
  • 4 Stars - Excellent properties offering well-appointed accommodations and amenities with a superior variety of excellent facilities and services.
  • 5 Stars - Exceptional properties offering the finest accommodations and amenities with outstanding variety of premium facilities and services.

Hostels – For the budget conscious, hostels are a good way to save money. Staying in a hostel will also enable you to interact and mix with other like-minded travelers from all parts of the country/world. Most hostel owners and staff are locals, who can provide you information and tips, making your stay much more authentic.

France National Rail: During the Ryder Cup, Rail travel to and from host cities will be at an absolute premium. It is crucial to reserve your seats as early as possible to get the train schedule and prices you want. Choice touring departures from major cities will undoubtedly sell out quickly for this exciting international event. Charles de De Gaulle airport has direct express rail service that departs every fifteen minutes to Paris Central. Your flight and train transportation arrangements can be handled by your personal travel agent, or by our professionals at Great Atlantic Sports Travel. We are a full service company dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We can book your flight from any city. Please note International Airfare cannot be reserved until 11 months prior to you travel departure date. Train service in France is efficient, punctual, and comfortable. It is one of the most popular ways to get around, allowing travelers to view the countryside in a swift yet leisurely manner. France's extensive railway network connects large cities and towns throughout the country. Smaller towns without train stations are generally linked by bus service to the nearest station. The French National Railroads network of inter-city rail links also provides frequent express and high-speed train service known as the TGV or Train à Grande Vitesse. Operating at a commercial speeds of 186 mph, the high-speed network also includes European routes, featuring the Eurostar which connects Paris to London in just two and a half hours and the Thalys going to Brussels and Amsterdam in one and a half hours and and four hours respectively. For added convenience, the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle and Lyon Saint-Exupery Airports have high-speed train stations available as well. 

Sightseeing: Paris offers unique, diverse opportunities for city touring and sightseeing excursions. Whether your second passion to Golf is music, theater, dance, art, or more golf…France has it all! An immense country filled with endless gems, a countryside that could swell the hardest of hearts, a lively pub culture, and a history so rich, it oozes from every cobblestone and street corner. Be sure to ask about sightseeing additions to any package.

Custom Travel Packages: Let us build a custom sports vacation that is an exact fit for your unique taste, time, and budget. The Ryder Cup is the ideal setting for international travel. Create a signature package incorporating extra room nights, multiple cities, sightseeing options, as well as meet and greet services.

Corporate Services: Incentive corporate travel is not just a good idea to boost morale but an essential strategy to increase market share and improving customer service. Incentive travel provides a distinctive opportunity for your staff or customers to strive to increase sales and revenue. It is also an excellent way to introduce a new product line. Whether your company is best suited to sponsor a customer program or an internal, regional, national, or even worldwide corporate event, we can assist. From concept to completion, Great Atlantic Sports Travel has the experience you need to help you boost your sales in an exciting way. Call or e-mail our Sports Desk for additional information.

Travel Insurance: Do not forget Travelers insurance! While many believe travelers insurance is an unnecessary cost, Travelers insurance protects your investment from more than you may think. Access America provides integrated travel insurance, assistance, and emergency services for millions of travelers and thousands of corporations throughout the world. Choose from Basic, Classic, and Deluxe Travel Insurance packages. Access America is renowned for its superior customer service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week though its World Service center. Protect your investment and don’t forget to add travel insurance to your trip!

For further details, view the Travel Policies, booking forms, and terms and conditions. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions, or if you need more specific information on the travel services, hospitality, tickets, hotels, or any other Ryder Cup service, call our Sports Desk at 1-800-888-8233 or e-mail us.